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It was established in 2014 as Maintenance Technology of Renewable Energy Facilities Foundation (M-REF), and we have worked on the development of technical standards, training of engineers and support for the efforts of local government to achieve the renewable energy society.  
We believe that sustainable society is a society in which “Safety”, “Security” and “Stability” are obtained.  Environmental protection is major key to creating a sustainable society but also economy and security are important keys as well.  
For example, the creation of a renewable energy society is surely important source of decarbonization.  But for Japan, which relies on imports for almost all of its fossil fuels.  The reason for reducing the imports of fossil fuels and secure our own energy sources is the effect of curbing the outflow of national wealth to overseas, creating a domestic circulation of funds, and boosting GDP from economic perspective.
Therefore, increasing the energy self-sufficiency is also an urgent issue in energy security.
Japan has a long history of renewable energy, and due to cost issues, it has been difficult to expand its introduction.  After the Great East Japan Earthquake, the major policy was to introduce a large amount of renewable energy.  In addition, a feed-in tariff (FIT) was introduced, which was implemented across the country to spread the cost of these new energy sources.
On the other hand, it is now important to know how to use the power generated efficiently rather than simply increase it.  By using both decarbonization and emergency power supplies as original power sources for facilities and using them as a power source for microgrids in the region.  The aim is to move away from large expansions of renewable energies, and to expand our efforts to the areas of environment and resource energy, believing that renewable energy will be a part of various environmental protection efforts.  This will create a renewable energy society, which is part of building a sustainable society.
We change our name to Foundation for Environment, Natural Resources and Energies(ENRE), and take a new step forward.  While maintaining our efforts to date, we will expand our activities to the environment and resource energy from the perspective of “Safety,” “Security,” and “Stability,” and will make endeavor to expand environmental conservation initiatives for sustainability.


[Name]Foundation for Environment, Natural Resources and Energies(ENRE)
[Representative Director]

Nobuo Tsutsui


Trustee, Director, Auditor


Nihon Seimei Marunouchi Garden Tower 3F., 1-1-3, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005 Japan
TEL:03-4577-9780  FAX:03-6772-2644


The key to the sustainable development of society is “Safety”, “Security” and “Stability”.  The basis for this thinking is environmental protection, resources and energy.
While decarbonization is important, harmony between the economy and security is also required.  To get there, various viewpoints and approaches are necessary. 
ENRE has been working to establish standards development and human resources development in the optimization of Photovoltaic business across industries.  These efforts are needed to address environmental protection, resources and energy issues more widely.


2014 Established Maintenance technology of Renewable Energy Facilities Foundation (M-REF)
2015Launched Second-Class Photovoltaic Conservation Engineer Training Course
2016Joined the formulation of Photovoltaic System Maintenance and Inspection Guideline
2017Joined the Development Committee for Assessment Guide for Solar Power Business
2018Published Photovoltaic Business Evaluation Guide
2019Launched Photovoltaic Business Evaluation Engineer Training Course
Supported independent power source in the evacuation centers for local government.
“Project to support the creation of an independent and decentralized local energy system to improve local self-sufficiency in renewable energy and strengthen resilience.” (It is subsidized by Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan (MOEJ))
“Research support for re-use PV modules” (It is subsidized by Fukui Prefecture)
2020Responsible for Low-Carbon Hydrogen Project Model Review Subcommittee
Launched support for distribution network for evacuation center by UAV
(Logistic transport by unmanned aircraft in depopulated areas /subsidized by Ministry of the Environment (MOE) and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)
2022Office relocation and changed the name as
Foundation for Environment, Natural Resources and Energies(ENRE)


ENRE’s major business sectors are follows:

[Engineer Training]

・Establishment of Technical Standards (Guidelines)
・Photovoltaic Conservation Engineer Training
・Photovoltaic Evaluation Engineer Training

[Local Government Support]

・Install independent power sources in evacuation centers.
・Initiatives for local production for local consumption of energy, such as microgrids
・Training for prefectural and municipal officials on administrative guidance for solar power plants


We work on the expanding the use of UAV for the creation of a sustainability, including maintaining livability and low carbon emissions in isolated islands and mountainous regions, and reducing waste by improving the reuse of PV module.

・Development of a UAV inspection system for used PV module
・Efforts to build a logistics network by UAV (Sky Station concept)

[Natural Resources]

We work on securing stable resources and promote low carbon emissions.

・Promotion of business models using hydrogen derived from renewable energy
・Initiatives for stable supply of low-carbon energy such as LNG
・Initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of food production

[Environmental Education for Children]

In response to requests from elementary schools, we hold lectures on site to help children, who will lead the next generation, understand renewable energy and the relationship between energy and environmental conservation.

・Terakoya Project in Kawasaki